Summertime 2020


Here are the programs announced for summer 2020!
* 7.5 kilometers of beaches open from June 2th
* Exhibition "Cannes Fait le mur" in the streets
* Pedestrianization and sound system of the streets of A...

Pavillon bleu 2020


This is the list of Cannes beaches, labeled "Pavillon bleu 2020", which underline the quality of bathing water as well as good management of water and waste by the city:

Midi, Moure Rouge, Rochers de la ...

Terrasse on air


Spectacles sur le toit terrasse du Palais des Festivals, à partir de 21h30!A partir de 10 €!

Health and safety commitments


Our team observe protective gestures and wear the masks.
Hydroalcoholic gel will be provided in all flats.
We make a strict cleaning of flats using approved disinfectants.

"Cannes, notre bout du monde"


Présentation du plan de soutien économique et de promotion de la destination Cannes pour l été 2020!

Cannes Yachting Festival


Cannes Yachting Festival 2020!
The largest in-water exhibition of new sail boats.
Accommodation available in the top center of Cannes!